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Alisal EdTech News v 1.1

  Alisal EdTech News v 1.1
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Student Acceptable Use Policy
  • Good News!! The SAUP is just about done. We are putting the finishing touches on it, and it should be out this week in both English and in Spanish.
  • Click here for a Google Slide Presentation to accompany the SAUP
    • Thanks Dr. Núñez for your help with this!!!
  • In review, the SAUP  is written to protect and inform all stakeholders as to the responsibilities of taking home a device such as a computer or tablet.
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Alisal Wifi
  • Over the next several weeks our Alisal Wifi Network is being updated to meet the demands of implementing a 1 to 1 program across the District.
  • Chavez has already been updated.
  • Loya and Sanchez are currently being worked on this week.

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New 1:1 Device Roll Out
  • Currently the I.T. Department is working to get 1 to 1 teacher devices ready for usage.
  • They hope to have them ready by next week and will contact you regarding deployment.
  • The goal of this is to give teachers as much play time on the new devices as possible before the students have their devices.
  • PD Dates to support these teachers will be rolling out soon.
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Alisal Technology Council
  • The Alisal Technology Council is scheduled to begin on September 16 from 3:15-4:45. Each site will be sending a representative.
  • The goal of this council will be to provide the District with guidance on implementing Instructional Technology.
  • Please select your rep and email Mr. Johnson and Mr. Cogswell ASAP.
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Upcoming Professional Development
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More info to come!!
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