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Alisal EdTech News v 1.0

 Alisal EdTech News v 1.0

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Student Acceptable Use Policy
•The Student Acceptable Use Policy (SAUP) is written to protect and inform all stakeholders as to the responsibilities of taking home a device such as a computer or tablet.
•In June the SAUP was rewritten by a team to meet the needs of all schools.
•The SAUP is currently being reviewed by Cabinet and Legal Council and will be forwarded to sites ASAP.
1:1 Device Distribution: Vasquez & Tech Pioneers from Last Year
•After the SAUP is approved, School Sites should have their Parent Tech Meetings to review the SAUP.
•The SAUP will need to be collected before our Technology Department can hand devices out to students.
•The goal is to have the devices out by mid-September.

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New 1:1 Device Roll Out
•Devices have been ordered by our Tech Department and are being formatted for students as they arrive.
•The goal for distribution is the beginning of October, but the Technology Department will try to get the devices to teachers as soon as possible.
•Once the distribution dates are firm, we will distribute a schedule for training dates for the teachers who will be new to the 1:1 program.
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Alisal Technology Council
•The Alisal Technology Council is scheduled to begin on September 16 from 3:15-4:45. Each site will be sending a representative.
•The goal of this council will be to provide the District with guidance on implementing Instructional Technology.
•More information will be coming soon from Mr. Johnson.

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Google Apps for Education
•Currently the District is in the process of setting up Google Apps for Education to implement District wide.
•Here is a quick Youtube video that introduces Google Apps for Education (GAFE).
•More information on professional development around GAFE will come.
•One great resource for GAFE is www.alicekeeler.com/teacher tech/google-classroom.
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More info to come!!
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