Sunday, September 13, 2015

Parent Computers & Coffee Klatch: Digital Citizenship

This post was previously written after my first Computers and Coffee Klatch. Hopefully, it will give you some tools and resources to plan your own digital coffee klatch. I updated a few sections.

On Friday, April 24, 2015 at Tiburcio Vásquez, we had our first Coffee and Computers Klatch. Our topic was digital citizenship, and what conversations we need to start having with our children. Our introduction was a Powtoon in English/Spanish posted on Youtube. This gave parents a bit of background on what digital citizenship is, and why it is important. we then followed the video with a conversation guided by a Prezi. This helped facilitate the dialogue between parents in English and Spanish. We discussed the questions in small groups, and shard out as a whole.

Overall, our Vasquez parents were engaged and had wonderful comments and dialogues. They were able to connect with other parents and share ideas and beliefs around digital citizenship. We had a small group, but something we could build on.

To keep the communication going, we also set up a Remind to keep parents updated on topics and to connect the school. The instructions to signing up are attached; however, this remind account is no longer active, we have created a new one. I wanted to keep this in here as an example. With Remind, we were able to send texts to parents' phones with information on digital citizenship and reminders about future meetings.

Lastly, we concluded our session with a link to the feedback form. That way we could plan future meetings based on the parents need and interests. 

If you have questions with regards to this presentation, you can contact me on twitter @cogswell_ben.

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