Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Lesson in Grit!!

Salinas Police Officer's Association in conjunction
with the Alisal Rotary Club presenting the bikes
On Friday, June 5, 2015, at Tiburcio Vásquez Elementary in Salinas, California, there was a celebration of grit and determination. Sixty-one bikes and sixty-one helmets were given away for reaching perfection,
bringing sixty-one smiles to sixty-one students' faces.
Principal Dr. Roberto Núñez
and Officer Danny Garcia

So how exactly did these students attain perfection? It was not based on grades or merit, but simply showing up: a demonstration of grit. Google defines grit as courage and resolve and strength of character. I think this definition brings to light the characteristics such as resolve and strength of character that the recipients of the bikes demonstrated throughout this school year. Further, Romero and Lee's (2007) article exhibits the importance of attendance on student academic success. Formalities aside, it was a day filled with excitement.
Coach Ben with the Crew

The day started out with a surprise helicopter visit as Officer Todd Brethour flew Salinas Police Chief Kelly McMillin and landed on Vásquez's sports field. Students watched in amazement as the wind from the rotor blew them back a bit. The Salinas Police Officer's Association came with a full brigade of cars along with their police truck. Alisal Rotary Club members as well as Salinas City Council representative Kimberly Craig joined the Salinas Police in the presentation of bikes.
Principal Dr. Roberto Núñez

As Dr. Roberto Núñez, principal of Vásquez, read each winner's name, the students bounded over to the zoo of bikes looking for the one that called their name. Other students cheered with exuberance with the hopes of attaining perfection the next year. Overall, smiles were seen on the faces of all.

Thanks to all of those who helped make this event possible, especially the Police Officer's Association, the Alisal Rotary Club, and Councilwoman Kimbley Craig.  A huge kudos to our fearless leader and principal Dr. Roberto Núñez who coordinated the whole event. Of course, a huge thanks to the behind-the-scenes crew; there were many hands involved to make this event a success.

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