Thursday, May 28, 2015

What is a 21st Century Innovative Educator???

I recently participated in a educational technology blended course called 21st Century Innovative Educator which was facilitated by Mr. +Martin Cisneros., aka the Tech Profe. I found the course to be challenging, reflective, refreshing and inspiring.

From this course, I feel I developed a passion for growing a person professional development system. For example, I have grown in my understanding of curation and creating through social media. I am able to find my own resources, and have start my own personal on line library of media. I have started to navigate hashtag chats, building playlists of videos, and of course, when in doubt stick a pin in it. I feel I still have much more room to grow in the world of social media, but I now know where and how to find the answers in the twitter-verse.

Further, my eyes have been opened by participating in the lessons, the learning, and the activities. Through the lesson planning process, I become more familiar with the various NET standards, and embedding them in my instruction. I got to better understand the TPACK model through applying my own environment to a triple Venn Diagram.  I had a great time smashing iMovie and an app called Green Screen into the Evolution on Communication. This was definitely a smash I may have never tried without the course.

Mostly, my eyes have been opened to all of the digital possibilities out there. I am now more confident in trying even more new possibilities that haven't even popped out into the digital world.

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